NASGO Transaction Guide

1.NSG Transfer Transaction

A NSG transfer transaction is a transfer of NSG from one account to another account. In order to issue a NSG transfer transaction, the following fields must be specified:

  • The account address of the recipient
  • The amount of NSG to transfer
  • Message (optional)

Once those three fields have been specified, the system will begin building the transaction object. First, the public key of the sender is computed using their secret. Following this, the data block is created using the process outlined in Transaction Signing and the additional field, recipientId, is added the to object. In the current system, the fee is fixed at 0.1 NSG. Once the transaction validated, the transaction may be broadcast on the network. While the transaction may be present on the network, it will remain in unconfirmed status until it has been processed by a delegate. When the transaction is broadcast to the network and it is sent as a JSON object using the HTTP API.

1.1 transfer NSG in desktop client

1.2 transfer NSG in mobile client

2. NASGO Token Transaction

NASGO Token Standard makes it easier for all compatible tokens to be natively supported by new projects and services. Moreover, the introduction of this standard allows for the tokenization of other features, including voting rights. Most native project tokens offer investors a vote on how the future of said project should look like.

NASGO Token are issued on the NASGO network, It is interchangeable and it can work with Dapps adhering to the same standard.

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