Account & Security

1.Account Secrect

When a user creates an account, a BIP39 mnemonics (the passphrase) is generated for the user. In NASGO system, the length of entropy is 128bit and it will be converted into 12 words. The hash result of this passphrase is subsequently used as a seed in ed25519 to generate the privatekey and derives its publickey.

you can create a new account in :

  • NASGO-Lite : click "New Account" button in sign-in window and save the file which contains the generated account secrect.
  • NASGO-Mobile : click "Create Account" buttion inside app , typein a remark name and save the generated new account.
Note: Once users lost their passphrase they would lost the ownership of their account。

2.Secure Code

NASGO offers an additional layer of security for the user. Using a specific class of transaction,user can register a secure code that is associated with the key pair. This relationship requires that all subsequent transactions to be signed using the secure code in order to be considered valid. user will be charged in 5 NSG when you set the Secure Code.


An account address is derived from hash result of the public key. The address is the alphanumeric representation (Base58) of the hash result, with the ’N’ character as prefix.


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