NASGO Node Installation Guide

The full node is the best solution for super users, delegates and developers. It is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. NASGO-Lite users can connect to any full node to access the network.

1.Sytem requirement

  • Linux system required
  • Public IP address required
  • Ubuntu 16.04 64bit OS


2.1 Download and unpack

download binary version from
tar -zxvf nasgo-node-linux.tar.gz
cd nasgo-node

2.2 Initialize & Run

Go to your installation folder and excute:

1.Set up environment


2.Running as daemon

./nasgo start

3.Access your wallet

Access your wallet by accessing url http://yourserverIP:9040

3.Delegate configuration

3.1 Delegate’s password

Fill "delegateSecrets" field in config.json with your delegate’s secret. you can set several different delegate's secret in one computer.

  "wrap retire movie sound will author master law angry coral guilt crystal"

3.2 Public IP

Fill publicIp field in config.json with your server’s public IP , you need to restart NASGO Node afrer modifiing config.json file.

  config.json:“publicIp”: “your server's public IP”
./nasgo stop
./nasgo start

4.Node Status

Check your node server status :

./nasgo status

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