NASGO-Dev User Guide


1.Dowload NASGO-Dev binaray version which suite your os , It is available for Mac OS and Linux now.

Linux :
        tar -zxvf nasgo-node-linux.tar.gz
Mac OSX:
         tar -zxvf nasgo-node-mac.tar.gz



-V, --version      output the version number
-H, --host <host>  Specify the ip of nasgo node, default: (default:
-P, --port <port>  Specify the port of the node, default: 9040 (default: 9040)
-h, --help         output usage information


getheight                  get block height
getblockstatus             get block status
getbalance [address]       get balance by address
getaccount [address]       get account by address
getpeers [options]         get peers
sendmoney [options]        send money to some address
sendasset [options]        send asset to some address
setsecondsecret [options]  set second secret
publishDapp [options]      publish a dapp
createGenesis [options]    create genesis block
deposit [options]          deposit assets to an app
dapptransaction [options]  create a dapp transaction


connect to NASGO-Node running in local and get the current block height

./nasgo-dev getheight -H -P 9040

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