NASGO Introduction

The emergence of Bitcoin makes it possible to go to a decentralized currency system. After several years of development, it has been found that the block chain technology of Bitcoin has great potential and it can be widely used in all walks of life. In order to make better use of the block chain technology, there appears a number of application platforms represented by NASGO, which encapsulate the underlying protocol and build the infrastructure to provide the developer with a more friendly and more flexible interface, making the developer to focus on the business logic and improve the development efficiency greatly. the following part will elaborate the characteristics, principles and application scenarios of NASGO system.

Dapp Store

NASGO's Dapp Store will give SMEs unprecedented access to hundreds of millions of customers in a decentralized way.NASGO Dapps are blockchain based applications which operate on their own custom sidechain. Allowing developers to create decentralized applications which use NSG as an internal currency / token. Each Dapp has its own unique private side chain which operates in synchronization with the NASGO block time and current block height.

Custom Assets

NASGO provides an easy-to-use client that you can issue a blockchain asset without writting even a line of code. These assets can be traded with NASGO transferred in sidechain in a decentralized way, and with any other currencies in a centralized exchange.

Pegged Sidechain

NASGO system provides a development tool by which developers can easily create a basic sidechain system. Developers are also able to fully customize their sidechain system, including its own database, consensus algorithm, trading mode and account architecture.


The NASGO Team has created various clients for different platforms include MAC OSX、Linux、Windows、IOS、Android. Combined with the one-click client and in-built Dapp Store, NASGO provides an undeniably great user experience.

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